Sunday, October 13, 2013

Allow Me to (re)Introduce Myself

My name is HOV! *launches into full blown rap battle with self*

Okay, maybe not the best introduction...

For those of you that don't know me or aren't fully familiar with me, I'm your favorite bloggers favorite unknown blogger. I'm your favorite artist's most obsessive stan. I'm your best friend's best imaginary friend and your worst enemy's worst nightmare. In other words, nobody actually knows me, but everyone should really get to know me. ...You know?

I'm a 22 year old first-generation Nigerian-American woman, meaning my siblings and I were born here in the States, but my parents weren't. (Ndi Igbo, kwenu! America, hi.) I majored in sociology, which means I'm obsessed with identities and examination and feelings and whatnot. It also means I'm very long winded and a bit too used to writing essays. Now that I'm out of school (for now) I've found myself needing a place to dump my thoughts and examinations and feelings and whatnot. As I figure my friends on Twitter and elsewhere are tired of me flooding their timelines and feeds with unnecessarily deep ruminations and pseudo-academic posts and other big worded ways of saying "I've taken to posting things that aren't being seen by the right audience," I started this blog.

My main focus is starting this blog is share with you all some struggles, insights, and breakthroughs I've come across as a young woman raised in a Nigerian household, in American society; something I'm sure a few of you will have experience with as well. I welcome you all here to learn and grow with me. 



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